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Wisdom of the Centuries

Vedic Vidya is a non-profit institute dedicated to bringing ancient wisdom to the West in a way that respects the tradition from which it originates.

Our mission as an educational institute is to research and develop resources for the comprehension, preservation, and application of ancient philosophical and spiritual traditions, all within the framework of contemporary culture.
Projects and Updates

We are excited to announce the launch of the VedicVidya Keyboards™ !

After 2 years of research and hard work we are proud to offer this software FREE for the benefit of the community.

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The Institute is currently in a period of re-envisionment and will post updates on this website as they become available.
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Vedic Vidya is a 501c3 federal tax exempt organization that grows and thrives by the generous donations of our contributors.
Having been formally established in 2003 in Marin County, CA, we have managed to keep to and even surpass our fiscal plan. To date most donations are being used to promote our evolving project development and not on administration costs. Donate
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